Entering into this new year, I already knew that this is going to be a year of a great number of important changes - changes that emphasize the importance of documenting them as they happen. I did a better job of documenting life when I was younger - perhaps because it was easier back then, or had more insight to gain, or perhaps Livejournal was so much more prevalent that made it too easy to put up a facade and/or feed the ego.

Some may say that Facebook is similar, but I do see some distinct differences. Whereas with Facebook I treat as a manner to share the very tip of an iceberg of life, Livejournal was a way to really dig deeper within.

Anyway, I'm digressing.

I'm calling this project of documenting these expected changes throughout 2016 as "The Sunday Project" - only because it's usually on Sunday when I do all my editing of photos that I've taken that week, while at the same time jotting down notes and thoughts related to those images. I consider this to be a project that's in the middle between Facebook and Livejournal, a project that shares a bit more than just the tip of the iceberg, but no where near as visceral and lengthy as the Livejournal posts of old.

p.s. - I read over the old Livejournal posts that I wrote in my 20s, and I just had to laugh at a few of those "woe is me" type of posts. If only I knew back then that the "woes" weren't really woeful at all, that life really wasn't as hard or as bad as it seemed, and that it gets better....better than I'd imagine.