The first ten days of January 2016 was spent in bed with a cold that really kicked my butt. Those days of December working long hours, and evenings spent out and about, translated to my body saying "enough". It's the second Sunday of the new year, and I'm finally feeling human again. Five things to share during these ten days of this cold:

1. I re-discovered my love for reading physical books after reading off of my iPad for some time now. Nothing beats the smell and feel of the pages. Currently reading Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter, by Kate Clifford Larson.

2. I bought as a birthday present to myself the Sony Alpha a5100 camera, meant to be used as a little camera to take with me on days when work requires me to be out on the road all day. Though I didn't have a chance to really play with it yet, I did make time to start learning Final Cut Pro, because, why not.

3. The first thing I made when I started feeling better: Walnut Whiskey Pie.

4. Not wearing makeup or a bra for ten days equals the best ten days EVER.

5. Really taking time to just rest and take care of myself was sorely needed (obviously). Lesson to self: I must take time to just slow down from time to time.