It's President's Day weekend, with Valentine's Day thrown in there for good measure. The Aussie and I normally don't recognize Valentine's Day, but for this year we figured, "Why not," considering that it's on a Saturday this year.

The original plan was to dine out the night before Valentine's Day at Capo's in San Francisco, stay in on Valentine's Day with us enjoying my Beef Bourguignonne Pot Pie out on our patio lit with tea light lanterns, run some errands on Sunday, then spend the day in the city on Monday (President's Day).

Things rarely go accordingly to plan, as I'm sure you already know. Dinner at Capo's was PERFECT. We started with garlic bread with mozzarella, wild mushrooms, truffle oil, romano, and arugula. We then split a wood fired conchiglie pasta baked with dungeness crab and a Chicago pizza called "The Dillinger". It was a ton of food.

The next day (Valentine's Day), the Aussie relaxed at home while I made the Beef Bourguignonne stew. (This stew/pot pie is a definite weekend project, let me tell you.) We also had a ton of leftovers from the night before, so instead of us feasting on Beef Bourguignonne Pot Pie for dinner, we instead finished our Capo's leftovers on our tea light-lit patio while the Beef Bourguignonne stew was stored away in the fridge.

I woke up with a slight cold today. Boo. I had a late start to the day, but eventually I was able to transform the stew into a pie. As you'll see in the photos above, I thoroughly suck at crimping the edges of a dough for a pie.

But hey, at least the Beef Bourguignonne Pot Pie was delicious.

And now, I'm going back to bed with another dose of Theraflu.