My favorite vodka is Hangar 1, by St. George Spirits. While at their distillery in Alameda, we also picked up a bottle of NOLA Coffee Liqueur. "We see a lot of white russians in your future," said the folks at St. George Spirits. Oh how right they are.

Spent part of Saturday afternoon celebrating a friend's graduation. Although this basketball hoop is found in her backyard, I'm not sure if anyone has ever actually threw a basketball through this hoop.

Saturday evening was spent in the city of San Francisco. It was cold, misty, and foggy - as if this city was Gotham rather than San Francisco.

Today the Aussie and I explored Fort Baker, located in Sausalito.

We parked near The Discovery Museum and hiked up to Battery Yates. After climbing some flights of steps, you'll see the gun emplacements that were built in the 1890s. The view of the Golden Gate Bridge is gorgeous from here.