What I'm currently enjoying, sharing, etc etc:

  1. http://www.viralnova.com/funny-true-graphs - TRUTH.
  2. Ona Bags for Photographers: In looking through Looking Glass Photo & Camera's online section for bags, cases, and straps, these Ona bags have me DROOLING. I especially love the Union Street bag in the color Smoke.
  3. Caroline Hirons on YouTube: Caroline Hirons, a skincare specialist who keeps a great blog here, now has a YouTube channel. Which is GREAT, considering that the thing I love most about Ms. Hirons is her no-nonsense delivery of information and humor. Oh, British humor, how I love thee.
  4. Shameless Fripperies: Karima McKimmie is a gorgeous young lady from Australia who shares her knowledge on makeup on her blog and on YouTube. Now, I may be biased since I'm married to an Aussie, but what stands Shameless Fripperies out from the rest of the makeup blogosphere (and there is a shit-ton of those blogs out there), is that Ms. McKimmie gives her opinions on brands etc. in a manner that's sincere, genuine, and removed of any current trend. If you read enough of those blogs out there, it may begin to seem like most are talking about the same exact thing at the same time, trying so hard to be "smart" and "cool" and not really having an opinion of their own. Ms. McKimmie pays no mind to any of that, and she doesn't try to be smart and cool, because...she just is.
  5. Schierke Artists: This is a site that I visit often, and it never fails to provide inspiration and awe. An agency that manages photographers, illustrators, creatives, and stylists, Schierke's online showcase of work is a dream.