It's time for a "currently" post - the podcast version:

  1. A Cast of Kings: David Chen and Joanna Robinson discuss Game of Thrones in a manner that's intelligent and introspective from a film-enthusiast's perspective. Think: discussions on cinematography, or music chosen for any particular scene. Each Game of Thrones episode is discussed in depth and is compared to the books, without any spoilers.
  2. Mad Men Happy Hour:  Jim and A.Ron of The Bald Move Network provides episode recaps and analysis that's both smart and hilarious. My personal fave moments of this podcast have always been when Jim and A.Ron analyze a Mad Men episode scene that's truly "wtf": crass and witty.
  3. Game of Thrones Podcast: Also done by Jim and A.Ron of The Bald Move Network. Whereas A Cast of Kings is spoiler-free, this podcast has a spoiler section at the end of each podcast episode, where A.Ron goes in-depth with the books, as well as any tinfoil theories that may be floating around Reddit.
  4. Cast of Thrones: This particular Game of Thrones podcast isn't for everyone - just imagine a group of friends (who have read the G.R.R. Martin books) talking about an episode of GoT immediately after viewing it.
  5. Fighting In The War Room: This GoT podcast are for those who are caught up with the books, or who don't mind being spoiled. The main focus of this podcast is not to discuss every scene of a GoT episode in depth, but rather, to really delve into the books when certain scenes of an episode are discussed.